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MTC Maritime Training Center is conviently located a short drive from St Petersburg. We offer a array of courses for individuals who wish to get their Captains License, Able Seaman Endorsement, STCW Endorsements and much more.

Have a question about getting your Merchant Mariner Credential? Visit our help center for more information.

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“Very knowledgeable staff that not only helped me with my OUPV class, but went the extra mile to help ensure all my paperwork was in order with the USCG. Thank you Captain Shaffer.”
– Jason

“Just aced my OUPV Captains course due to my instructor, Capt. Jamie and a lot of studying. Great facility and the instructors make it easy to learn.”
– Noel

“Instructors explain the course very well. Easy to understand, Capt. Jamie went over the course material, and answered all the questions the class asked. Great Job!”
– Lawrence