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Towing Officers Assessment Record 

What is a Towing Officers Assessment Record?

If you have a US Coast Guard license, an endorsement is required to operate Towing Vessels. NVIC 4-01 stipulates that a mariner may operate a towing vessel if, on or after May 21, 2006, and after any license transaction following any license upgrade or renewal, an officer operating towing vessels must hold any of the following licenses or endorsements:

  • Master of towing vessels.
  • Master of inspected self-propelled vessels greater than 200 GRT with a completed TOAR
  • Mate (pilot) of towing vessels
  • Mate of inspected self-propelled vessels greater than 200 GRT with a completed TOAR (limited to serving in the capacity of mate (pilot) of towing vessels)
  • Apprentice mate (steersman) (under the direct supervision of a licensed officer)

At MTC Maritime Training Center our Designated Examiner (DE) is qualified to sign off on the following routes:

  • TOAR – Western Rivers 
  • TOAR – NC – Oceans 
  • TOAR – Limited 
  • TOAR – Inland 

Getting your TOAR Signed Off.

Our class is reserved for experienced mariners. Mariners holding an OICNW endorsed license (STCW II/1 or II/3) can complete all the assessments in the TOAR with our program. If you do not hold an OICNW endorsement, you may be able to join us, but we may not be able to complete the Towing Officers Assessment Record in its entirety. In addition, the extra sea service needed to upgrade to a mate or master of towing from a lower level license is often a surprise to many. For these reasons, we request to open a line of communication so we can better assess your needs. Mariners that hold licenses LESS THAN 500 GRT (master or mate) or those without an OICNW endorsement are accepted into the class on a case by case basis.

Assessments are completed by our DE right here in Tampa, Florida.

Call (813) 334-3920 for more information

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