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MTC Maritime Training Center offers an array of U.S. Coast Guard approved and STCW training courses. Such as Captains License Courses, Able Seaman Courses, Vessel Security Officer Course, Apprentice Mate Steersman, and more

Our Team

Our instructors were hand selected based on their experience, patience, and knowledge. They went through rigorous instructor training to be approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. They also must continue to keep up with the standards set out by our policy. They are graded along with the students, to ensure they are keeping with our Quality Standards System, and the Maritime Education Industry’s best practices.

Jamie Shaffer

General Manager

Capt. Jamie Shaffer started his Maritime career in 2002, working as a deckhand for a local casino boat. He then worked his way up to a 100 ton Master in 2005. That same year, right after Hurricane Katrina, Capt. Shaffer went to work offshore in the Oil and Gas industry out of Louisiana. Which is where he stayed, working his way from 100GT to 200GT and in 2014 up to a 3000GT Master with Dynamic Positioning Unlimited, and Master of Towing. Jamie has a passion for the Maritime Industry. “It has been such a rewarding career and has given me the confidence and knowledge to reach my potential”. In late 2016, Jamie found his other passion, Teaching.

“I have been blessed with opportunities in this industry and now my passion has shifted to help other people realize their potential.”


Capt. Shaffer has been approved to teach over 30 Maritime Courses, and also writes U.S. Coast Guard approved courses.

Our Promise

The student experience is critically important to the long term success of MTC Maritime Training Center.
We will never mislead a student into taking a course he/she doesn’t need just to make a buck! There is no place for that in this business. Your experience here will be that of a comfortable learning environment. Our instructors are very knowledgeable, patient, professionals that typically have more than 15 years of real-world experience working as Masters or Chief Engineers in the Maritime Field.

Our teaching methods are designed to enrich the students learning experience so you can reach your potential, that’s why our success rate is nearly flawless.
The sea of paperwork to get your Merchant Mariner Credential can be daunting. That’s why all students that take our courses receive FREE guidance on how to get, renew, or upgrade your Merchant Mariner Credential.
Our classes are designed to encourage students to ask questions. We want the student to leave our classroom knowing they have the knowledge, understanding, and proficiency to get the job done.

We will never mislead a student into taking a course he/she doesn’t need just to make a buck! There is no place for that in this business. We understand that going to class means less time with your family. We don’t take that lightly here at MTC Maritime Training Center.

Our classes are taught by the industry’s best instructors. More than teachers, our instructors are highly knowledgeable professionals that typically have 15 or more years of real-world experience working as Masters or Chief Engineers in the marine industry.
To ensure instructors have ample time to stay informed about trends and best-practices in their field, we design our class schedules such that they have time to read, study, and prep between classes. This practice enables them to remain leaders in their area of expertise, ultimately resulting in a more-informative and enriching student experience.

To help you realize your potential in this industry. Whether you want to be a 6 pack Charter Captain, an Unlimited Master, and anything in between we will help you all the way.


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Very knowledgeable staff that not only helped me with my OUPV class, but went the extra mile to help ensure all my paperwork was in order with the USCG. Thank you Captain Shaffer.


Just aced my OUPV Captains course due to my instructor, Capt. Jamie and a lot of studying. Great facility and the instructors make it easy to learn.


Instructors explain the course very well. Easy to understand, Capt. Jamie went over the course material, and answered all the questions the class asked. Great Job