December 29, 2022

Maritime Training Center: A Gateway to a Successful Career at Sea

Many aspiring mariners dream of a career at sea because they feel the happiest and most fulfilled while on the water. At MTC Maritime Training Center, we provide the perfect place for anyone looking to break into or expand their journey in the maritime industry. Spending half your day or more on a boat or large vessel in various weather conditions may seem difficult for some but a lifelong dream for others.

Maritime jobs are only ideal for select people because of the hard work, physical stress, and intensive environments. However, many people find exciting and rewarding careers at sea that they love. Whether you are working for a shipping company, driving cargo ships, or joining the Merchant Navy, you can find the ideal role and expand your skillset as you work.

Getting a Maritime Education

Everyone differs in their mariner journey because some are just starting while others are adding to their previous education. One option for aspiring mariners is to join the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA). This federal service academy results in a B.S. degree as well as U.S. Coast Guard and Marine Merchant Officer licenses. Graduates must serve five years of active duty in any military branch, or they can join any branch for eight years and spend five working in the maritime industry.

Other educational options include enrolling in a reputable maritime college or finding an apprenticeship with on-the-job training. These three choices are excellent for an exciting and active career at sea, regardless of your selection. In any case, you should become familiar with international Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (or STCW), which qualify personnel on seagoing ships.

U.S. Coast Guard and STCW-Approved Maritime Courses

At MTC Maritime Training Center, some of the most experienced captains and mariners help students begin or advance their careers at sea. They are passionate about the industry and have the hands-on experience, professionalism, and motivation to help you learn. Our course offerings include a our OUPV/6 Pack Captains License course, apprentice mate program, able seaman course, STCW basic training, first aid, firefighting, 200-ton master/mate, and safety courses.

Having a Fulfilling and Rewarding Career at Sea

The high paying maritime industry provides ideal careers for someone wanting to perform their job from multiple locations. A career at sea offers countless experiences, travel to exciting places you might not otherwise see, and meeting new people. While you may be away from home for extended periods, you’ll have access to unique opportunities and can learn about and see many places and cultures firsthand.

Working in the industry lets you find a specialization you wish to pursue in greater detail. You’ll pick up knowledge and skills about time management, leadership, cargo operations, port laws, various types and styles of ships, and more. Rather than merely watching, you’ll have hands-on involvement and thorough training to prepare you for many situations.

Enroll in a Course With MTC Maritime Training Center

MTC Maritime Training Center in Tampa, FL, provides courses at a reasonable price to aspiring mariners that can last from a day to a few short weeks. Our classes are accessible and taught by only the best captains with sea service experience and expertise. Many people have put their trust in us and have gone on to work on a cruise ship, transporting cargo, giving whale watch tours, and so much more.

Everyone at the MTC Maritime Training Center shares a common love for the sea and has a variety of experiences in the maritime industry. We are ready to mentor and train more mariners, no matter their specific job titles. Call us at MTC Maritime Training Center at 813-334-3920 to enroll in a course to further your career at sea!

A Gateway to a Successful Career at Sea

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